Globcal International was founded and created by a community of social media protagonists between 2007 and 2009 following the development of an on-line network the Model United Nations Social Network Embassy. Between 2009 and 2013 we continued our research and development in a number of areas involving a no political borderlines, world free of religion, politics, and corporate corruption; an equal world based on individual personal understanding using the Internet and decentralized global localization through international representatives as our foundation; hence our name Global / Local (Globcal).

Our development and existence has been based on that of a social media based organization that promotes the movement of ideals through a cooperative nongovernmental formation that relies on the social media communications platforms and networks. Today our goal is to connect rural and marginal populations with skills and capacitance to participate in the economy on a global scale. Currently we have goodwill ambassadors in nations around the world working on individual projects and presenting their initiatives through crowdfunding and the social media.

Our social media network is extensive with 6 years of experience, research and development in over 100 social media outlets and popular platforms. Today you can find us primarily through the most popular and proven social platforms still gaining new understanding as social media continues to influence society and what we have come to learn.

Please see the tab above entitled Facebook (through mid-2015) for some of the groups and lists that were developed through our formation period, (some will be phased out and others will emerge). You can always rely on our Facebook pages for better information. Connect to our website and global citizen network for more information about our initiatives, programs and projects.