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This is a converted resource development (legacy upgrade) for users of the Globcal e³ social media application developed by Globcal International for use on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter to share information like articles about public diplomacy, soft power, goodwill ambassadors, social networking and global citizenship. To view this site and use its links users need to become members of one of our forums by joining our organization as a non-state global citizen or as a social media interest follower using your registered Google credentials or use the app from within the Facebook environment.

This and several other Internet properties have been retained and converted because of their popularity, continued practicality or value as a learning resource. Click here to begin using the resource.

A new application that can be used universally is under development for the Fall of 2018, meanwhile this application will remain (unmaintained on autopilot) for low system resource users navigating our app or relying on access from within other social media environments. By default this site now defaults to the https protocol and is more integral.

Photo above: Ambassador Dmitri Demidenko (left) and Ambassador Ram Khatri-Kshatri (right) at a United Nations event in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Speaking at the United Nations about Climate Change and the Environment.

"Bangladesh is a poor country that needs to find solutions to climate change for its survival as a nation."

-Ambassador Shamsul Momen Palash

Forum Focus Topics for 2018-2020 (See News October 8, 2018)

  1. Living in the Offshore Freedom Jurisdiction as a World Citizen (Blockchain)
  2. Embracing the Non-State International Private Sector (Blockchain)