Globcal Forum

Sustainable Business and Development Forum

Our development forum is open to all Globcal International members within our secure Google | Globcal Enterprise Service in our (Google Groups) Forum. Only invited and qualified personnel may access the platform. If you are a member with a Google+ and a Gmail account that is further registered with a special Globcal International Network '' you should automatically have access when logged into Google+, Gmail or any other account. If you need an email forwarding login please contact the administrator. Members must use their normal '' or '' address to gain access to the group forum. It is public with an invitation, you must apply through an ambassador or be invited through a nomination.

All Commissioners and Ambassadors are expected to connect and become familiar with Google products that are all provided at "our cost" through our network, these applications and services ad free versions of: Google+, Hangouts, Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Blogger, among others. Those who are joining us as consulates, international missionaries, and global citizens may use the same services through their regular free Google+ accounts if their name is portrayed professionally and they have a complete Google+ profile on-line with a photograph that is verified.

Link directly to the group here 'Globcal International Forum'! If you do not have access contact the Network Administrator and Webmaster by email to get an invitation and network address alias routed to your account as well.