Network Website

Website Status

We are in the process of adapting and re-tooling our award winning website which was once ranked at 569,000 but did not comply under evolving standards. The new trend is HTML5, CSS3, and RDF under and W3C Protocols. In 4 months our rank decreased to the 27,000,000th spot around December 2014, since then we readdressed the issue and are updating the website now in June 2015. Today our rank has risen to around 1,000,000th in the world and is steadily increasing once again as it once did.

Our Executive Director recently learned from the United Nations that an Internet presence is the "single most important resource" an organization shall need to operate under the global resource framework of the future, so now he and other members have made commitments to let the Internet presence, interactivity and social capital become the primary resource the organization holds.

According to the United Nations and many others who agree the Internet itself will someday serve as a global registry (governance) for all conduct, reality and behavior in a civil society.

Current Website

Our website(s) have been on-line in the past during our development as (2009) and (2011) and others between 2008-2013. Our current and up-to-date achievement is a network where we provide services a great number of people including ourselves. Because we are offshore, (dot) NET was the most appropriate selection. Once we have 3 (three) permanent international missions we will seek to use the (dot) INT top-level domain-name.

Our website is, it is based on a global server and mirrored in the cloud. Because of our type of development this single web address serves as a base all of our activities.

Under Construction: The updates on our homepage are underlaid with a new website design that is forthcoming, meanwhile please excuse any invalid links or content missing, these problems are resolved on goingly and may require as many as 5-14 days to cycle on some servers and web search indexes.