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Read the same news feeds read by ambassadors and diplomats programmed especially for global citizens, protagonists and changemakers. Our news feeds provide uncensored, reliable and shareable content queried from Google News in the form of top news stories and blogs about subject matter in which we share a common interest. (See the list below or select a live feed in the menu.)

Combining these news posts with photographs, images, and status posts properly is be the key to captivating your audience and keeping them tuned into your social media and posts. The relationships you develop by transparently sharing these stories is fragile and impersonal to say the least, but is a good way to find truly enthusiastic people interested and passionate about the same topics and endeavors which lead to meaningful relationships and recognition in these circles over time.

RSS Feeds provide you, 'the protagonist' with the power of global change with reason and knowledge of trending ideals, current events, and the results of global changes occurring today.

Globcal International Missions News Feed List

Use and subscribe to any of these special feeds using your RSS reader or Atom, Google News links are provided when available. Entries listed in bold text are new within the past year.

Globcal International Blogs

International Citizenship Development Program

Global citizenship is a general term applied to international citizenship (citizenship of two or more nations) and to the concept that a person can be a citizen of the world without being a party of a particular nation based on understanding a global citizenship ethic, political neutrality and understanding of international laws and national customs. Global citizenship may apply to anyone while they are outside of their birth-nation.

  • Neo Citizenship (Live) (RSS) (Facebook) (Twitter) (International Citizenship Member Forum)

Our Best News and Blog Article Feeds

Here in our Facebook App space we present several of the priority RSS Feeds that we have developed to monitor, there are a number of others that we recommend for sourcing original content below that were developed for particular interests. In the realm of social media sharing fresh and reliable content is a key factor in developing a good network that is visited frequently and acknowledges you as a reliable personal asset in fan (follower) circles and networks.

Please use the links above to monitor current events and share posts or otherwise create activity with your page followers, remember to use our "Best Practices for Posting" manual. Keep our App handy to relocate these resources and use them daily. There are approximately 20-80 new stories each day that are filtered in using our App. If you are an ambassador or global citizen and would like to see a topic developed or included please contact us we will be glad to consider it.