Globcal started on Facebook

Facebook has become a robust standard in facilitated personal global communications, its the individual community social centers that are digitally created from the human desire for intercommunication and establishing friendships based on mutual interests, common ideals, and relationships have become standard for the planet and those involved in the exercise of free and regulated trade.

Our experience on Facebook is extensive, as of 2015 we began to re-vamp our facility to make our communications on Facebook more integral and meaningful. The groups which will be phased out (May - November 2015) to be replaced with a forum hosted through Google Enterprise (a paid service) and is now available on Facebook through interactive modality and applications on demand presented here.

Facebook News Feeds

Those protagonists involved in assimilated endeavors, sustainable human living conditions, and diplomacy that have Facebook pages are listed here in subject directed and rich well-done diverse feeds. If you notice errors in the content (a page that should not be there) or would like to suggest the edition of one of the lists to include a page or develop a new topic contact us. Currently we are looking for new list curators for interest list topics like global indigenous peoples and ambassadors of state.

Globcal International Pages

Globcal maintains or has already under development 250 different pages throughout Facebook including Ambassador Pages and Public Figure Pages. Please review the link above indicated first called CiNGO Cooperation for a sample of some of them.

Facebook Groups